Introducing Eric Kemp’s blog – “Intelligent Science”

Eric Kemp has a blog called “Intelligent Science”. This caught my eye, of course, because as a science-enthusiast and an avid reader of science textbooks, popular science, science blogs and as a Biology major, I have a great interest in what science has to say about origins, life, etc.

This came up, by the way, by simply searching the keyword “Evolution” using the WordPress search engine.

What I did find in that blog was interesting, but not exactly what I had in mind.

Eric Kemp is a Christian. He is also a proud apologist and many of his posts bravely delve into Christian apologetics and, quite sadly, modern science. I came across two posts by Eric, the first was about Evolution of citrate-metabolism in E. coli. An ancient datum for anyone who’s spent any serious reading about evolution. It also contained his denial of this datum as anything helpful to the theory of evolution on a large-scale. This already exposed the fact that we’re dealing with a guy who’s had his science-classes in church.

Well, maybe I’m wrong about that. To give just one scary example, Johnathan Wells had a LOT of science-classes and not all of them were in church.

But I digress.

What really caught my eye in Eric’s blog was not his poor creationist reasoning (though I did reply to his post about evolution, addressing only one of his arguments). What caught my eye was the ease with which Eric disqualified any other God but the Christian God as the creator of the universe. Given, of course, that you’ve taken enough brainwash-time to disqualify methodological naturalism as the primary MO of science, forgotten entirely that arguments from design, arguments from ignorance and arguments from personal credulity are all ancient fallacies that have done magic in deluding the gullible for millenia —

Eric now gallantly exhibits his case for why God, which is his synonym for the obviously-apparent creator of all things, is the Christian God, and why Jesus, his son, proves it to be.

Since I’m a former Jew, and not a former Christian, I have one advantage and one disadvantage regarding Christian mythology. The advantage is that I’m exceptionally objective about the matter. I have no reason to be contemptuous or benign towards Christian mythology or Jesus, etc. The disadvantage is that I’m not very familiar with Christian apologetics (though I’m quite familiar with Jewish apologetics. I’m betting a dollar those two are quite similar, considering the fact that besides identifying the traditional Jewish Messiah as some Jew who lived 2000 years ago and was executed by the Romans, Christians are basically cast-out Jews. That the Jews are the extreme minority makes no difference)

Since Eric has provided so much blogging-fodder, and since my Word count has reached 950 words, I think I’m going to partition my interest in his blog post into seperate posts, starting with some blogging about his arguments regarding the “fine tuned universe” and the atheistic “creed” that everything in the universe has to be “random”.


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