My conversion

With enough emotional distress, I too will believe in any nonsense my tormentors bring me. Humans above all are motivated by their emotions, far more than they are by their intellect.

Press the right buttons and every skeptic shall believe

and every prophet will become an atheist.

I want to have words representative of me, independent of me, that will show my gratitute (to nature, for there’s nothing other that we can see, and even this gratitude is nothing but overkill thanks to a non-agent identity) at the fact that I am not blinded by my emotions to believe in ghosts unmerited by evidence.

At this point of time, my mind has not been raped into dogma

but at any given point of time, the right disaster, the right indoctrination, the right buttons in my psyche pressed – can make me another mindless, religious, fanatic drone.

Let there be free thought, or humanity is doomed.


2 Responses to “My conversion”

  1. Eric Kemp Says:

    Yea friedenker,

    That’s what happened to me, I went through a horrible trauma and because my weak psyche couldn’t handle it, I turned to Jesus. Man, it’s like you’re reading my past!

  2. freidenker85 Says:

    I went through a horrible trauma (sudden death of my mom) – I was already an atheist. I suffered from PTSD until 6 months ago (further recaps of what I’ve been through are found throughout this blog) – it didn’t influence me to become a theist (of any kind). For the most part, having a rational explanation to some of the things I endured and mom dying helped me. I didn’t have to agonize myself with feelings of guilt or with false hopes that she and I will see each other again. I moved on.

    I was actually writing more about indoctrination and inculcation of beliefs rather than changing beliefs due to chance trauma. This post is more about brainwashing than it is about emotionally-related gullibility. Regardless of theism, I think that irrationality (of the kind you’d probably cringe at yourself) that people endorse when they’re manipulated by charismatic zealots is something that can be inculcated into anyone…

    Unless you’ve worked hard to immunize yourself against unreason.

    But I have this feeling that everyone has a breaking point in which he/she will utterly abandon his or her morals and core beliefs. It has nothing to do with a re-evaluation of reality, it’s just opressive coercion – people will eventually believe in whatever the tormentor tells them.

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