Overheads Underfoot

Yeah, yeah, I keep jabbering on and on about how this is not a personal blog. Well, a lot of the topics I write about eventually have to go through the person writing them, but I don’t like much writing “personal diary entries”. But I’m going to do this time, anyway.

Anyway, I skipped yesterday’s Latin and today’s Botany because of “fatigue overheads”. I was too tired after Sunday’s 13-hour long day, so I skipped yesterday’s Latin so I could have more time to finish up stuff for today, and then I skipped today’s Botany so I could wrap up things for tomorrow. I’m still going to Botany labs because we have a quiz every week (this week’s on fungi, ah, what fun (yeah, yeah) .

In short, I’m kind of freaked out that this might be a slippery slope. Since I’m 4 weeks into the semester, it’s possible that the combination of training, working, studying and trying to lead an almost non-existent social life (while still being Dad’s son) is wearing me down.

Bah. What can I do if coffee doesn’t work on me?


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2 Responses to “Overheads Underfoot”

  1. galia Says:

    can you change your schedule? take less courses? why do you take on too much?

  2. freidenker85 Says:

    Not really. I need to work because then I’ll lose my car, my laptop and my internet connection (not to mention the fact that I’ll have to live like a beggar and my dad’s making even less money than I do), I’m already skipping half of my biology classes because it clashes with the ISL courses, and I can’t find a decent opportunity to train anymore. It’s 4 weeks into the semester and I’m already worn out.

    I’m doing it like this because I won’t have an opportunity to do it otherwise. It’s just that ISL is a childhood dream for me and Biology is, well, an aspiration I’ve adopted when I was 20. One for the past, one for the future, so to speak.

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