Yes, We Can (rob you)!


For all you non-Israelis (erm, there’s about 6 people who read this blog and I suppose 5 of them aren’t 🙂 ), let me just point out that Shas is a Hebrew acronym for “Shomrei-Torah Sfaradim”, this means, literally, “Sefardic observers of the Torah”, or in short, the ultra-orthodox Jewish party.
I’m not a political expert, but my experience with Shas is that they are a sectarian party. They work almost entirely for the benefit of their electorate, which is, well, not a big issue unless you’re in Israel, where there’s about a dozen or so types of electorate, and if you unite a certain parasitic electorate (I’ll get to that right away), you basically give a foothold to a bunch of lazy, sanctimonious thieves in the Knesset (the Israeli parliament).
Now, now. I’m not saying that Shas doesn’t do charitable things, like try to help the poor (religious poor, anyway) and promote socialist agendas (maybe as a side-effect to, say, their insistence on using tax-payer money to sustain the multitudes of the huge families that the ultra-orthodox are mandatory to found as per the Torah),

but –

well, Shas seems to really dislike the idea of personal freedom (an fundamentalist political party with an anti-liberal agenda? Say it ain’t so!).

In many respect, they are an anti-freedom party. If Shas was the sole party in Israel, then Israeli law was indistinguishable from Senhadrin law, and that means literally a Jewish theocracy.

So far, what Shas mainly does is try to ban pornography (fuck that!), censor internet material (guess who they want in charge of reviewing the “inappropriate material”?) and ban public transportation on Saturday (something that’s actually quite widespread in Israel already).

What I found mind-numbingly ironic is that Shas’ current campaign slogan is “Yes, we can!”, just like, yep, you said it, Barack Obama’s successful slogan. It’s so cute. They think that if it got the American people to vote for a guy who isn’t an obvious hack, then the Israeli population is going to be duped into voting for the most self-serving, anti-democratic, fundamentalist party in the Jewish political spectrum, (well, maybe there’s worse, this IS Israel, after all)

Anyhow, it’s made extremely ironic due to the fact that the ultra-orthodox refuse to serve in the IDF because they must practice the Torah (oh yeah? I REALLY wanted to start this biology degree here at 18 and not at 23, you bearded sacks of shit!). These assholes pay about 4 times (!) less than I do to social security, as Yeshiva boys, to be precise. (A student, of any kind, who works, immediately has to pay social security as per the type of work he’s in, say, self-employed people like me have to pay 9.82% of our income to social security, they have to pay about a quarter of that).
Every time Shas reveals its intentions to the public, every political move, every bill proposed, every statement given, it’s always anti-democratic, anti-civil-rights, religiously bigoted and ultimately, anti-humanity. This party is actively trying to promote a world that has no freedom, and endless power to a caste of corrupt avaricious acolytes.


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2 Responses to “Yes, We Can (rob you)!”

  1. Quicksand Says:

    Well, that’s the irony of democracy for you: I srael has so many parties that have no positive part in the Knesset. Shas is merely one of the examples. I’ve always said Democracy as we know it is simply too free for our mankind’s own good (actually, Shas is the least of the problems ina parliament that holds parties which do not recognize Israel’s right to exist).

  2. freidenker85 Says:

    “It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government, except all the others that have been tried.”

    -Winston Churchill

    Sorry for the cliche, but more pertinently, banning or even limiting freedom is not going to diminish the existence of idiots like the Shas electorate. Their place in parliament is merely a mirror-image of the idiot population that comprises this country, not of some inherent fault in our voting method or even in our overly pluralist regime. Israel is not a unified country, it’s made of a huge hodgepodge of tiny sub-countries, and many of the sub-populations in them have nothing in common.

    Democracy is still the best policy in a modern state, even as dumb-as-shit as this one (the idea itself of bringing dozens of unrelated cultures simply because of an ancient Jewish relationship is completely idiotic, but that’s what we have right now, and it’s like our forefathers had a choice, it was in the heydays of racism)

    It’s true that parties like Shas (and definitely some of the fringe Arab parties) are often anti-Israeli or even anti-democracy in general, but denying their voice is just as anti-democratic. If free Israelis want freedom to prevail and triumph over slavery, the only way to do that is by persuading the slaves and adamantly injure the slaveholders appeal, and thus political power, and thus anti-democratic potency.

    The best countries are run in ways that allow everyone to move freely, while the best and more liberal ideas are strongly promoted. If people are educated enough to see for themselves how better their world is when it’s sans shackles, then democracy has fulfilled its destiny.

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