Can I do research?

I know I’m only a biology undergrad, but I can’t help thinking that I might not have what it takes to be a researcher. Am I creative enough? Smart enough? Innovative enough? What does it take? Can I get a clue now before I spend 10 years on my life pursuing a career I won’t be any good at?


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9 Responses to “Can I do research?”

  1. watercat Says:

    Jeez, grasshopper; worry about the next kyu, forget about the dan.

  2. freidenker85 Says:

    Well, actually, I’m Ikkyu, so I’m worried about Shodan šŸ™‚ But still, this question drives me insane. I might be spending years and years on something that I’m simply not qualified to do.

  3. Ajita Says:

    I followed you here from atheist nexus. I would love to work with Israeli atheists in promoting rationalism. I am the editor of an Indian news blog called, where we write about rationalist issues concerning the Indian community.

  4. watercat Says:

    In my experience, from the trailhead it looks like a straight road but there are interesting side roads branching off from it, more than you can even imagine. You just can’t see them until you get up there a ways.

  5. freidenker85 Says:

    I know you’re right, but I just don’t know how to quieten down this horrible self-doubt. I’m really aiming high here. Being a researcher? Can I do it? Will I ever be able to?

  6. crazyasuka Says:

    Researching also takes lots of time and patience.

    I tried to get into research but to be honest, I got bored. I didn’t find the excitement I was looking for. I only found repetitiveness, paperwork, and administrative barriers. šŸ˜¦

  7. crazyasuka Says:

    But I’m thinking about studying molecular biology anyway, so chances are that I’ll end up in research! maybe the experience will be different.

  8. freidenker85 Says:

    Well, molecular biology sounds like fun to me. This is the kind of fun I like – when it takes a LOT of boring hard work until it reaches fruition. I think it’s a lot more satisfying when compared to constant gratification. Well, sometimes, anyway šŸ™‚

    I really don’t know enough about biology to imagine what it’s like to work in it, although I really want to. In my mind, I envision working on developmental evolutionary biology or genomics, too topics I find intoxicating, at least from the books I’ve read about them.

  9. crazyasuka Says:

    evolutionary biology -> *drools*

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