A much needed vacation is afoot.  This weekend I’ll be chilling with my gorgeous missus in a cabin for two in a beautiful mountainous village (or as we Israelis call those modern hamlets: “Moshav”) on the western Galilee. Any Christian readers this blog might have will actually recognize the name, since it’s the region in Palestine Jesus of Nazerath originated from (I bet ye for’ners din’ know that Nazerath is still a city in modern day Israel). The missus was kind enough to correct me that it’s actually a place near Kinneret, the Israeli chief fresh water lake and favourite pissing pot.

I’m taking the laptop (too attached to it), but I doubt it there’ll be wi-fi, and even if there will, I’ll be too busy snoozing in the jacuzzi with my blessedly bathing-suited babe of a girlfriend.

Too bad I have two days of hardcore studyin’, trainin’ and workin’ to do before that. I promise to post some pictures (not just beautiful landscapes, but some of the smoochin’ couple, too).



11 Responses to “Vacated!”

  1. a Says:

    Is it by any chance Moshav Ben-Ami?

  2. galia Says:

    and i will spend the 24th in nazereth where the real thing is happening (and not in a jacuzzi).

  3. Dana Says:

    Bathing suits? Seriously?

  4. freidenker85 Says:

    Dana – with any luck, I’ll be able to pry them out 😉

    Galia – what am I missing? What’s happening in Nazerath on the 24th? Isn’t that like Christmas time or something?

  5. galia Says:

    yes, christmas, santa and fun at the church.

  6. a Says:

    Okay okay, I’m sorry. I won’t bother you.

  7. a Says:

    Just say yes or no, because personally I think my guess was right, seeing as right after I posted that question, you crossed out the first location…

  8. freidenker85 Says:

    Actually, your question is completely unrelated to my crossing out the first location (I changed it after I asked my girlfriend). No, it’s not Ben Ami.

  9. Nessa Says:

    Are you seriously going to post a pic of you! Cool! (Not that I care, I just tend to be curious about the face behind the words).

    I only recently learned about modern Nazareth. 🙂 Nazareth? Nazerath? uh?

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