No More War! No More War?

In an awesome feat of disproportionate response, the IDF responded to Hamas’ breaking the several-months’ long cease fire with Israel by bombing the fucking shit out of Gaza. We had one civilian dead and 6 wounded in a southern city called “Netivot” (I only learnt how to sign that in ISL last week) and a few hours later, the IAF took care of annihilating 60 different security targets in Gaza, killing more than 200 Palestinians and wounding about 700. The bodycount is kind of hard with most of the bodies not in one piece, but I’m sure they’ll manage.

Why am I writing this? I’m not writing this because I condemn military action as a legitimate means of national security, I am writing this because I think killing more than 200 people is a simply a fucking massacre. We’ve butchered these people. We’ve killed hundreds of security Hamas men, hurray for us, but why? Is every Hamas person responsible for the rockets fired at our southern cities? Is this how we behave? Exactly like the other side? If Hamas had an air force, they’d do the exact same thing to us. The only difference in response is a result of us having more sophisticated weaponry. We’re behaving like thugs with F-16s.

Killing Hamas-men by the hundreds is NOT the way a responsible nation behaves. By all means, go into Gaza, shoot everyone who tries to shoot at our soldiers, this is STILL a measure of self defense, as all military action should be, and by all means *arrest every single damn one of them*. If they try to resist arrest, shoot them in the legs, if they try to shoot you, shoot them back, trying not to kill them.

Yes, the price to pay for being civilized is having soldiers die in the name of freedom and civilization. It means you can’t just bomb the shit out of civilians simply so you could save up soldiers. If this is how we behave, then our soldiers fight for an empty cause anyway. If we’re anything other than terrorists with tanks, then this is a task worthy of the ultimate sacrifice.
I’ve been to a demonstration against the attacks tonight not because I’m against attacking Gaza, but because I’m against attacking Gaza in this stupid, bloodbathed, horrendous manner. We’re letting malign idiots play with jet fighters and people who are completely innocent fucking DIE.

Bah, I’m simply furious.


8 Responses to “No More War! No More War?”

  1. admin Says:

    testing, one two

  2. Dana Says:

    מה אתה מתלונן בכלל אתה!

  3. Einat Says:

    וואי וואי מה יואב וליאת עשו לי אתמול. הם התווכחו בחדר שלי במשך שעה וחצי על זה. רציתי לצאת והם לא הפסיקו בחיי. עכשיו גם אתה…

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    […] 最近のエントリで、23歳のShaiは、当初攻撃に反対していたものの、支持へと回ったのはなぜなのか説明している: 一般市民に被害を与えずにテロリストだけを攻撃する方法があったらと良いのにと思うが、そのような方法はない。現地に部隊を送れば、私たちは彼らの死に対し責任を追うことになるが、そうあるべきではない。ハマスは話をしようとはしないし、そうであれば「首謀者を捕まえる」ために部隊を送るのは、文明的であるということのために若い兵士たちの命を無駄にすることになる。でもこれは、文明的であるという話ではない。怪物のような武装した凶悪集団による決着のつかない暴力への対応についての話で、彼らが我々を怪物にさせているのだ。これが彼らの偉大な業績だ。我々は殺人者にされ、どうすることもできない。 […]

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