Under construction!


Don’t be terrified from the frequent mess this site is going to be in the next couple of days or so. I purchased a hosting service and am adding all kinds of fun stuff for this blog to make it look better and more convenient to read. First important upgrade to work on is email notification. From now on, you guys will be email notified when your comments are replied to, and the comment section is allows thread-commenting! This mean you can write “reply” to any comment you find interesting and the user will be notified of your reply!

Well, time to get to work.


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8 Responses to “Under construction!”

  1. Naty Says:


  2. Einat Says:

    It looks really nice šŸ™‚

  3. calculated emotions Says:

    The new look is very nice. Beautiful background!

  4. Jeff Says:

    New site looks great.
    In answer to your questions:
    When I clicked the link in your email, it brought me to this site.
    When I clicked the link imbedded in your name in one of your comments on my blog, it also brought me to this site.
    When I clicked a link in my blogs admin page, which notes where you’ve linked to me, it did NOT bring me to this site. (Got a “couldn’t find the web page message.”)

    I’ve seen people sometimes leave their old blogs up, with a message and a link directing people to the new site. Is that an option here?

    Posts above on the situation in Israel are quite thought provoking. I’d actually thought about you as I heard the news. In America, it takes a lot of work to actually get information about things going on outside of our borders. What I new about the situation came from “NPR” which is sort-of leftist, rather highbrow radio stations that are allied with the BBC and other world news organizations.

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