Anti-Independence War

Since the Israeli blogosphere and social networks are teeming with the Gaza situation, I get to find all sorts of funny opinions. This one really had me flabbergasted.

This one woman said (this was on facebook, so unfortunately, I can’t link it up) that she’s absolutely against all wars, for any reason, no matter what.

So, smartass that I am, I inquired: “So, you’re against the war of independence, too?”.

Well, at that point, I was expecting something on the lines of: “Oh, of course I don’t mean the war of independence, et cetera, et cetera”.


The answer that I got was: “Yes, I’m also against the war of independence, and I’d much rather we spent the last 60 years in quiet protest against the Arabian aggression instead of spending it fighting and occupying the Palestinian people.

Hark at that!

Anyway, I couldn’t help but seriously considering the implications of being “against the war of independence”.

Well, an immediate and ruthless massacre of all Jews in Palestine would be imminent, including the grandparents of frou pacifism here. Also, her approach would make Palestine another ho-hum Arab theocracy in the middle east.

When I told her that, she said that I shouldn’t resort to ad hominem attacks, which is just typical of people who have nothing to say.

I’m putting all my money on “reflection”, of the most knee-jerk kind. Frankly, I find it fascinating that some people who are so anti-fighting are also suffering from an extreme persecution complex.

I say this half-jokingly, but you have to admit that it’s strange to find such ultra-defensive paranoia in people who are insanely, adamantly anti-war.


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6 Responses to “Anti-Independence War”

  1. Israel Robotnick Says:

    A wise man once said "No brain, no worries" – I think he ment just that.
    Thinking you can erase all your troubles by not thinking about them and just saying "NO TO WARS" is kind of…

  2. Freidenker Says:

    In fact, I think that woman was extremely worried. Maybe that's why she's so hysterical about not fighting. She's damn scared of fighting. That I can understand.

  3. Shai Duvdevani Says:

    I wouldn't call whats happening in gaza fighting, more like one side bombing the other. And seeing the amount of damage we inflicted, I really feel sorry for the (thousands?) of civilian casualties. Thinking objectively, what we're doing is .. well .. unfair. I'm deeply annoyed with this war mongering we're into for the past few years. Making every bombrun an evening of reality TV.

  4. Dana Says:

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