Lay Off The Siege?

A lot of left-wingers in Israel stipulate laying off the Gazan siege as an elementary condition for a  long-term arrangement with the Pals. Truly, it makes perfect sense that the Pals would spew fiery wrath upon us, besieged, their traffic limited, their people harassed, their entire lives made possible (or impossible) per the whims of a foreign nation.


This makes sense, but laying off the siege in one fell swoop can also be potentially dangerous to Israel, as well. The siege itself is a result of Pals sending their suicide bombers into Israel. Indeed, this was also true for the west bank, but since we’ve built that gigantic security fence there (most of it within the west bank), suicide bombers hardly ever stop by for a visit (admittedly, among other reasons).
Thing is, we should lay off the siege. There is no way in hell we could ever bring peace in this area while putting a huge population into a pressure-cooker of poverty and dependence. The only question is: how do we do it without endangering ourselves?
Well, since the “wall solution” worked pretty well on the west bank, why not try it with the Gaza strip? Why can’t we allow the passage of commercial and authorized civilian transportation in and out of Israel (there’s no reason why Pals can’t at least pass through Israel) and otherwise let the Pals run things on their own, in their own free republic (read Islamic theocracy).

While I understand that the Gazan siege is probably a major cause for Palestinian unrest, simplylaying it off is careless, dangerous, and irresponsible towards the citizens of Israel. Though I believe in peace (it allows more rewards when well-exploited, even when you disregard it being morally superior to war) – I remember well why we’ve gotten into this situation in the first place: violent incursions by Palestinian Arabs.

So to that I say: lay off the siege, but in the purpose of increasing our safety, and sans the ultra left-wing blindness that dictates immediate withdrawal, without the crucial security measures that must be undertaken first.


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