No More Intensedebate!

To all of you guys who complained about intensedebate: I’ve had it with it too. Moderation is awful, sometimes comments become “disapproved” on their own, and the comment length limit is a real pain in the thorax.

So, tiny readership of this blog, rejoice. We’re back to ordinary discussion board platform. The e-mail notification option is still there, but I’m not sure I can find another kind of threaded comment modification for wordpress I’d like.

Intensedebate could have been great. It looks great. How come something that well-done can be so bug-ridden?


7 Responses to “No More Intensedebate!”

  1. uzza Says:

    YAY! I’ve always hated it.

  2. Michael Koenig Says:

    I’m sorry to hear that you ran into issues with IntenseDebate. I would love the opportunity to troubleshoot the problems you encountered. Is there any chance you would be willing to email me ( with some specifics?

    What moderation issues did you encounter? When you say that comments were disapproved, were they held in moderation automatically or were they deleted from your moderation queue?

    The character limit sounds a bit funky. IntenseDebate comments have a limit of several thousand characters. What was the limit that you ran into? How frequently did that occur? Also, what web browsers did you encounter this with?

    My apologies for turning your comment section into a support forum. I would really appreciate any further info so that we can make sure that everything is running properly. Again please email me with any info.

    Michael Koenig

  3. Enshoku Says:

    I love intense debate, but I won’t ever let it near my blog. ID does promote more commenting and discussing a bit because its threaded, but for the owner of the blog or website, there are numerous unnecessary issues.

  4. Freidenker Says:

    I wish there was a normal WP threaded comments plugin. The ordinary ones won’t work with themes, and frankly, the themes are too cool to pass by.

  5. Michael Koenig Says:

    That’s strange. Could you please email me ( I’ll take a look and see what’s going on. Please include the URL where you’re encountering this along with the web browser you’re using.


  6. Michael Koenig Says:

    That comment was for Enshoku. Sorry for not clarifying.

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