Co-Assimilation – A Possible Alternative To The Israeli-Palestinian Co-Existence Dilemma*

*This is an informal “manifest-like” depiction of an alternative solution to the ME conflict. What is written below does not implicate my personal ideology, my stance on the conflict, or that I do not consider myself, first and foremost, an Israeli Jew. I love my Jewish people and feel patriotic passion towards it. I consider all that is written below a proposition for a possible solution that is regardless of my personal viewpoint.

Even as I write of this alternative, I do not condone it myself. I feel too strongly my connection with my fellow Jews. More so to the Ashkenazi Jews with which I share similar cultural and historical values, and less to the Asian an African Jews who followed the first Zionists. One of the possible solutions I personally see as feasible is a consentual bi-directional emigration, a possibility I understand to be most likely due to the irreparable hatred that the two nations share.

The Israeli Palestinian conflict has caused and continues to cause immeasurable destruction, loss of human life, anguish, terror and waste. It has been a scourge for my own existence as an Israeli Jew ever since I was born, and a major cause for the sub-human conditions in which Palestinians endure. Our two peoples are grinding each other to dust, and in our hatred, in our penchant for extremism and genocide, we grit our teeth with the aim of mutual extermination.

I am a descendant of European clerks and urban professionals – my moral worldview stems from Renaissance enlightenment and liberalism: the dogmatic pursuit for global personal liberty and co-operation, with equality and emancipation distributed gratuitously to all human beings.

As an Israeli, I witness the tenets of liberty disregarded and cast aside on a daily basis. In Israel, Ashkenazi Jews mistreat non-Ashkenazi Jews. Ethiopean Jews are being regarded as “Black Hebrews”, and are still regarded as the most impoverished and backwards “Jewish sect” by many. The religious Jews differ from the secular Jews,the ultra-orthodox from the orthodox.

We live in a tiny stretch of land hosting a cornucopia of sub-groups, each one selfish, xenophobic, uncooperative, malign..

The co-existence with Arabs is nigh-on impossible when co-existence with Jews is unlikely. Palestine is a tremendous conglomerate of Hebrew and Arab tribes: of different religions, tongues, ideologies and interests – and to this I say: no more!

Biology shows that the differences between human beings are strictly superficial. A variation in melanism, height, the occasional genetic disorder – these are the only meaningful ways in which human beings today differ from each other.

And yet, there’s a stark majority of people who believe that there is an inherent difference between Homo sapiens individuals, and this stems from their appearance, language, and history.

To that I say: No! There is no reason why the residents of Israel, regardless of their appearance, language or background – cannot operate as a single, unified group.

Let the transparent walls between Christians, Muslims and Jews in Palestine crumble to dust. Let there be interracial assimilation, inter-cultural assimilation. Let it be known that every individual added to the great neo-Israeli nationality is an asset to it, and his appearance a mere formality – a biological inevitability that, following the proper education, is regarded irrelevant.

I propose a solution the western Israeli republic: a creation of a hybrid Arab-Jewish species of Israeli. I propose a hybridized nationality made of former Jews and Arabs, who will incorporate their cultural heritage, their language, their history and their national objectives into one: Co-operation:

Let the new Jewish-Arabic nationality abandon the nonsensical idea of colonial-era racism and chauvinism – and recognize this fact and disseminate it to the world: The only thing that is needed for human beings to operate in a group is mutual consent for co-operation. Nations are super-groups made of individuals, who can choose or refuse to co-operate and honor the national pact, its laws and ideological objectives:.

Any inhabitant of Israel who acknowledges the inalienable fact that human beings are free to choose to co-operate regardless of centuries of tribalism must renounce his xenophobia, and welcome his former enemies as allies.

This plea works both ways: Arabs who wish to make this an Arab country cannot be Jewish-Arabic. The only way to cease this conflict is to allow the evolution of the racial and nationalistic worldviews that generate it.

I say: evolve, abandon the fantasies of messianic religion, the dreams of imperial rule that crushes dissent, and embrace the doctrine of free men. Co-operate for your own good, co-operate for everyone’s luxury and well-being,

and as a side-effect, earn an opportunity to alleviate and subsequently eliminate centuries of mutual bloodshed.

Evolve to freedom, embrace liberty, assimilate and mix until Jews and Arabs are one, neither Jewish Or Arabic: just Israeli human beings.

We don’t need the messiah, we just need to live here and prosper. The only true traitors are the ones who undermine this objective.


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5 Responses to “Co-Assimilation – A Possible Alternative To The Israeli-Palestinian Co-Existence Dilemma*”

  1. uzza Says:

    Here in the ‘Former United States’, now known as ‘the Homeland’, those hyphenated terms you mention have become widespread over the last decade or two, terms like African-American, Hispanic-American, Iraqi-American … ad nauseum.

    The motto printed on our money, E Pluribus Unum ‘out of many, one’, was recently replaced with In God We Trust. You may have noticed this coincided with the country going to hell.

  2. Freidenker Says:

    I see America as a source of inspiration as well as an empirical proof that this proposition is unlikely. There’s a very strong innate human tendency for xenophobia and racism, I think it goes deep into our genetics. The only trait that is “racially-related” in the human species is its penchant for racism!

    I also think that in many instances, people can leave behind their racist nature and go black in white hand to a greater future.

    What I really can’t say, though, is how likely this is to spread globally, but right now, I really want to try to promote it.

  3. Tal Yaron Says:

    Hi Shay,

    Well, Nice indeed your solution. But I am afraid that in order to be successful, all Israelis should be enlightened western scholar Jews. They are the only cultural group how think they can shade their identity. Most people on earth likes their tradition, their culture. Nationalism is common to most people, and with it xenophobia.

    I think whatever solution we may search for, should recognize this ethnicity, and culture walls.

    My own preferred solution is, cantons direct democracy, like in Switzerland. In this system of government, every canton can have his own ruling and his own identity. And all cantons can co-operate as a federation, and the people will run the state.

  4. Freidenker Says:

    Cantonizing Israel won’t work the same way: European cantons all share common ideals and have little adjustments made to work synergistically.

    In the case of the middle east, you’d have more than just one canton who puts “death to all other cantons” on its banner – this applies to wingnut Jews and Islamofascist Arabs, their poisonous ideology won’t go away with territorial concessions – the only way to stop the hatred is to annihilate the collective glue that begets it: without creating a hybridized nationality, there is no way Jews and Arabs will ever endure a confederacy – your solution might loosely apply merely by mutually agreed upon emigration.

    The only problem with that is that once you have two countries filled with people who hate the people in the other country, you have not solved a thing.

    To end the bloodshed, you must change the color of blood.

  5. timmy Says:

    YA I NO

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