Not For A Pot of Gold

Lately, I’ve been seriously considering the idea of switching to bioinformatics instead of an ordinary biology major. The reason is not so much a newly found interest in the intersection of computer science and biology as much as it is a palpable dread of the prospect of unemployment.
All of my friends are either “computer scientists” or on their way to be. Computer science is not the easiest profession. It requires guile, skill and creativity, all attributes which I do not particularly excel in.

It would be, however, interesting to conjoin biology and computer science, and I’m sure there are fascinating avenues to pursue in a multi-disciplinary approach. I’m probably going through with this.

That said, I also came to th realization that I’m not giving up on Latin courses, and I’m definitely not giving up on ISL. True, most of my friends might drift away by becoming socio-economically superior and professionally secure, while I slowly meander through the endless paths of academia…

But I can’t stray from my own path so that I could join everyone else in theirs. I might be distanced from the material and mental world in which all my contemporaries reside in – but if I won’t follow that which fascinates and excites me – my heart will be broken.

And believe anything you want, never believe that there is anything in this world that is more important to you than what you feel. Feeling is everything, and I will never be happy if I won’t go as far as I can with biology and languages.


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