Bear With Me Just A Little Longer!

Oh, the blog-stats are portentous! I haven’t been able to update here for more than a week now – there’s big exams tomorrow and the day after that, and then I’ll get a little breather, though there’s a huge midterm coming 2 weeks from now which will occupy a lot of my time, but at least I’ll have some more time to post. I hope I haven’t LOST any readers. It’s not like I have that great a deal of them.


10 Responses to “Bear With Me Just A Little Longer!”

  1. Zhatt Says:

    Hello Freidenker,
    Just thought I’d let you know I’ve been following your blog for a little while. It’s very interesting seeing a atheistic perspective in an environment that isn’t Christian- or American-centric. I also enjoy the Monday Organism series; particularly the last one.
    I read your posts about the conflict, but am usually left without comment as I know little about the particulars of the conflict in the first place.

  2. Freidenker Says:

    Hello, Zhatt! Thank you so much for your reply!

    The last of the first surge of tests was done today, so tomorrow I’ll be working on a new post, finally. I don’t want to post a Monday Organism on a non-Monday, but I promise to give the blog more attention.

    Um, any chance you let me know if the e-mail subscription works for you? I’ve heard complaints that it doesn’t, for some peculiar reason.

  3. Zhatt Says:

    I didn’t have notification on with the last post, but I’ll turn it on for this one. Reply and I’ll tell you if I get an email.

  4. Freidenker Says:

    Okay. Testing… One, two?

  5. Zhatt Says:

    We get signal!
    Main screen turn on!

    It works fine.

  6. Freidenker Says:

    Um. That’s okay, superfluous exclamations are my stock-in-trade, especially when they’re patently unmerited.

    Thanks! Um, I suppose it wouldn’t be too much trouble to ask you if the e-mail subscription to post updates works? I was going to write a tiny post saying that the “pages” section is back up after all the links were broken.

  7. Zhatt Says:

    I could do that. Where is that? The “Subscribe” bar on the right? Is so there’s three options for email subscription. I don’t know what the difference is. Normally I use RSS feeds with Google Reader.

  8. Freidenker Says:

    I use a reader too (flock RSS tool, the first reader I ever found comfortable enough to use consistently). The “Email Subscription” widget was the one I was referring to. It only has subscribe and unsubscribe from my end of the room. I wasn’t referring to the RSS or the “subscribe2many” widget – just the simple email subscription widget that precedes them both.

  9. Zhatt Says:

    Ah! Not sure how I missed that the first time. I’m subscribed.

  10. Freidenker Says:

    With the risk (and intent) of sounding like a quasi-oriental food-stall salesman in a poorly budgeted and old d&d game:|

    “Thank you, please come again!”

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