Pages Section Back Up, New Posts Forthcoming

Short notice: the pages section (see cool taskbar like buttons at the bottom of the screen or the “Pages” widget on the right sidebar) is back up. The links got broken when I transferred this blog to self-hosting, and the broken links are now fixed. Go check some of those pages for a modest supply of lulz and giggles.

Second short notice: okay, 3 tests down, 2 more to go (I’m not including, ‘mfraid, two papers that are due next month. Beh) –

however, this means I get to breathe, and while I’m at it, update this blog. Since it’s kinda late for a blog-post, I’ll be going to bed in a jiff, but a new post shall be stewed, seasoned, and served upon the morrow.
Peace, and may the Noodly Appendage shine upon my exam grades!


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