Despite of Everything, Hamas got Pwn’d and Gilad’s Coming Home.

You know, my skeptic glands just can’t help themselves. There’s all this war in Gaza, people on both sides repeat tired old mantras (Hamas: we will never surrender until victory inshalla, Israel: we will make them think twice before firing rockets at us!) – and now –

by next week, we’re about to sign an 18-months cease fire (with optional extension) and there’s a very high likelihood that Gilad Shalit, the kidnapped soldier who’s been in captivity for 2 years, will be returned to Israel.

I’m not supplying any links because those aren’t real news (yet. you can’t be carefully optimistic in the middle east. You’re either a pessimist or an idiot).

I mean, come on! We blow them to smithereens just before the elections, they pretend they won, we pretend we’ve “accomplished our objectives” – and then, while nobody’s looking, suddenly there’s a cease fire signed between those who will not negotiate with terrorists and freedom fighters who simply will not reach any agreements with the occupying Zionist demon.

Puh-leez. Color me unsurprised. The only objective this war ended up achieving is winning a few extra votes to a bunch of tired old hacks in the Israeli elections, and the only reason Hamas changed its shorts is because it took such a big-ass beating by the Zionist demon, that it’d take it at least 18 months to find all the pieces of said ass. Hamas won. Yeah, right!

So, you know, I’m against violence and war and all that, I really am. I wish, (I say this only half-jokingly), that we could all just get along –

but you know what? 18 months of cease fire is nothing to sneeze at in the middle east, and for Pete’s sake, Gilad deserves to see his home again, he’s suffered enough, and so did both sides of the battlefield since.

I just wish people didn’t have to die to satisfy the greed of a few cyncical politicians. I mean, I understand greed, hell, I’m a greedy man, myself – but killing people to satisfy it? That’s just bad etiquette, totally uncool, and if you really want cynical – it’s a horrible waste of costumers.

Peace fighters my ass.

A part of me can’t help but reiterating: “if I was Gilad Shalit’s father, I would kill twice as many Palestinians to get my son back alive”.

The reason being that I probably would, but I’m not, and I wouldn’t.


One Response to “Despite of Everything, Hamas got Pwn’d and Gilad’s Coming Home.”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Haven’t heard from you in a while.
    As I was reading this, I was reminded of 1984. Have you ever read it? The book is quite terrifyingly prescient and has some fascinating things to say about states of war and who the winners are when people are busy blowing each other up.
    There is a scene that sent shivers down my spine. There is this discussion of how in the government destroys food just to keep the supply down in order to mantain it’s power over the people. (This is a gross oversimplification, but you get my point.)
    The day I read this was right after I’d heard this report about American farm subsidies. The bottom line of which is that tons of food is effectively rotting in wherehouses to control the prices of goods.
    Back when I was in college the last thing I needed was more reading material. But seriously, it’ll blow your mind.

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