Theme Hunting

Yep, I’ve changed my theme… AGAIN. And I’m not done yet. I did like my previous theme, but it tends to be rather slow to load, and I’ve been told it’s a bit messy and unuser friendly, and frankly, people don’t want to read a blog with 250 widgets in it.

I’ll try to stick to something as simple as this (enlighten), with an added panache that will suit my pretenses.

Ooh, ooh, and anyone who isn’t trying to advertise a blog about mothers (for whatever it is that the mothers in it seem to be doing) – feel free to recommend your themes!


4 Responses to “Theme Hunting”

  1. Zhatt Says:

    I’m liking this one better. More work friendly. The only thing is it took me a while to find this comment box since it’s white on white-with-a blueish-tinge.

    …and there are two “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail” boxes. One checked, one not.

  2. Mark Says:

    It looks much better, but I have to say that it takes ridiculously a lot of time for the page to upload. Ridiculously because the margin on both sides is a sort of white-hue, but it’s not just color, it’s an image. But the image itself is almost entirely one color except for this black wrinkles or dirt, but it takes just as much time to upload as an elaborated image. So I really think it’s superfluous and suggest you just make it one color instead of a picture file. There’s no much added value for this, but it does makes browsing your blog a lot more troublesome.

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