John Kwok: An Anti-Poe?*

*Okay, maybe not an “anti-poe”, but this is probably what creationists would call him.

John Kwok is a recently banned mega-troll from Pharyngula who has a history of repeating his credentials and making threats to those that don’t disagree with him (no link there, he simply threatened PZ Myers for banning him. The tool threatened to remove PZ’s friends on facebook. Since that terrifying threat, PZ added about 300 more friends to his FB profile. Epic Fail).

The thing I find striking about John Kwok is that I actually agree with the guy from time to time (this is true for his comments 8 months ago on ERV, not for the stuff he writes on Pharnygula, which I haven’t read and can’t comment on).

John Kwok displays behavior most characteristic to well-established trolls (and, for some vague reason, John A Davidson, another legendary uber-goblin): he has “catch-phrases” (read “infinitely reiterated textual feces”), he’s immune to criticism, has a tremendous reflection infection (cool name for a band, that’s what I thought) and, most notably, has to be in possession of a shelf full of trophies for being the world’s greatest pompous ass.

Fuck me in the ass sideways with a stick if that guy can post once without mentioning he went to some posh high school in New York, or about how qualified he is to write about the stuff he drags on about, how his “peers” (or “classmates”, as he once called them) are high and mighty, and overall, what a mind-blowingly awesome guy he is.

I mean, for suck’s fake, man, saying you’re awesome all the time rather appropriately labels you as someone not in touch with reality. “I Are Win” biases are just as bad as any other bias, and the conclusion is the same: your radar is giving you false signals, rational people should not trust the things you say. Credentials are importantly noted because credentials are accurately correlated with competence, but indefatiguable repetition of said credentials correlates with the exact opposite.

Kwok could be cited forever as an “anti-poe” by creationists (who probably think “we’re all the same” as often as we think that about them, sad). His awesome douchebaggery behavior is an insult to rational humanity.

In other words, disgusting thugs like Kwok are God’s gift to creationists: he’s the most disgusting outspoken evolutionist ever, and even though his science is all right, his tactics are all wrong, and the sneeky variety of creationists will take advantage of that. He’s giving the “community” (hm, naturalist-science-minded/often atheistic etc.) a really bad name.


8 Responses to “John Kwok: An Anti-Poe?*”

  1. Crystal D. Says:

    Nice post. I love that John Kwok. I voted for him on Pharynz because someone else called him Kwok of shit and I liked that. 🙂

  2. Aaron Says:

    Do you think he’s really Paris Hilton?

    That would be the perfect alter-ego for her.

  3. Freidenker Says:

    That… That is just wrong, dude.

  4. Aaron Says:

    Wouldn’t it explain a lot though?

    Maybe someone should ask if s/he’s ever done a sex tape.

    Get Thomas Jane on this one! He’ll spot a lie!

  5. Freidenker Says:

    I bet they had mandatory sex taping at Stuyd. high. Or whatever that damn place was called.

    I hope Kwok stays around, though. He cracks me up. I’ve never seen someone so detached from reality before.

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