What I Want to do with Science

As the semester progresses (mid-terms coming up in 3 weeks, beh), I find myself thinking more and more about what I want to end up doing with a science degree. Truth be told, I got into biology because I love evolutionary theory, and I am excited to learn more about the history and relationship of the living species on earth. Biology can fun (not all of it, admittedly), but evolutionary theory is the trigger for me, now, as my first year in undergrad is coming closer to an end, that hasn’t changed.


Maybe it’s cause we haven’t delved deep into the “hardcore substance” that is only accessible after you cram the basics into your uninitiated head – I’ll be the happiest person alive if that is true – but despite the fact that biochemistry and cell biology and even organic chemistry have their cool aspects – I still want to be an evolutionary biologist more than anything else, and I wouldn’t want to stay in graduate school for anything else.


Obviously, this is premature, but in my naivete, I was hoping to find the same breath-taking excitement in other fields of biology at the onset. 


Biology is a beautiful, elegant field of science, the most amazing I’ve ever learnt – but the story it tells me about the tree of life is the real story I’m after… It’s what I stay awake at night to learn about.


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