Talking to a Guitar

My good (and probably only, if we’re talking males here) friend gave me a guitar lesson today. I thought playing the guitar might emit some of those pesky suicidal thoughts I’ve been having, and maybe bring some cheer into my life.

A  musical instrument is not an intuitive device for me. I’ve loved music as soon as I’ve heard it first, which was at about age 13. Deaf parents means deaf adolescence, and music was only “imported” into my Deaf island later on. I was never taught how to play an instrument as a boy for (to me, at least) obvious reasons and I sort of wish I’ve gone past the basic steps of studying basic music theory and such.

I can’t play the guitar, but I’ve got so much I have to tell it.


2 Responses to “Talking to a Guitar”

  1. neilina Says:

    Wow!! Nice…I always dreamt of playing guitar. Go for it and learn it from your heart. Good Luck!
    Thanks for dropping-by for your words!

  2. John Morales Says:

    While My Guitar Gently Weeps.

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