Gregory House Is My Hero


The character contains everything I absolutely adore, with exactly the type of imperfections that I fully, and painfully sympathize with.

I am not, as House is by definition, brilliant or as skillful as House (it’s easy to see that House is wonderful at playing instruments, games, and with people’s minds) – but in one respect, I find House’s similarity to myself so compelling that it is impossible for me to not sympathize:

House is painfully and involuntarily obsessed. He doesn’t just want to solve the case, he needs to. My current obsessions aren’t anything like what the television figure is obsessed about, but the same painful, invincible hunger that plagues House is extremely familiar. I know what that man is feeling, and I can immediately see through his pain.

I also find it spectacular to see a work of fiction depicting people who, as in real life, are wildly unappreciative of original and non-conforming thought. These people are easily transformed once the evil doctor comes up with pleasing results. I can’t help but feeling a pang of envy, knowing that my unusual way of thinking might be right in so many occasions when I am thought to be wrong, and the only reason no one sees and respects that stems from the fact that I can’t run a magical show like a brilliant likewise obsessive personality with an MD.

I am, however, greatly comforted by the fact that House is coming back in September 🙂


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