Deserves More

It’s been years

And you should now expect me to be blunt and, to you,


if you still love me after all I’ve put you through


mark my words patiently.

From prize fuck to trouble, you uncoiled me,

with your cunning



I took your pounce, you barraged me with

words and fists and wrists, such

tiny, dextrous fists;

I loved you way before I knew

that I foster the wit

to love wholly

a woman like you.

The orphans of the Deaf

can bespeak of simplicity, but

simplicity is tested in words, not in substance and I

in my arrogance thought you simple, as you may occasionally be in words, but

in magic and cunning nature you brought my myriad words to shame

as there be none to suffice as to meet

your weight in substance

You deserve more, kitten.

3 Years ❤

ראי הצניעות הרבה בה אנחנו אוהבים אחד את השנייה,

אחת את השני.

עברתי על תמונות רבות

וזו התמונה האהובה עליי.

אנחנו מצונפים בעלטה

אחד בשניה



One Response to “Deserves More”

  1. Kitten Says:

    It’s beautiful. I love you so much more than you know.

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