Song of Darkness

I have recently learnt that our eyes are designed (for want of a better word) to detect darkness, rather than light.

I am prompted by this to write the following.

“There is aught learnt without ignorance

there is no merit in chivalry within a world unstained by corruption;

We see that which delineates our blindness,

so let us embrace the dark

for without it, there will be no light

nor purpose.

I stand not upon a pulpit, preaching for sin!

I only contest that we must embrace its perpetuity

without which

we shall never know joy.

He who endears pain and misery will never know sorrow or grief

for they are the fuel of  jubilance;

It is the most noble of endeavors

to not only accept the anguish we endure in our lives, but to love it still

for after pain comes pleasure

and if pain is pleasure,

then pleasure is heaven


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