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TypePad Tryout

April 19, 2009

Tap. Tap. Anyone here? If so, try commenting on this post, I’m trying out this new TypePad thingie for the comments. If anyone here uses TP, I’ve now installed TP support for this blog.


John Kwok: An Anti-Poe?*

March 21, 2009

*Okay, maybe not an “anti-poe”, but this is probably what creationists would call him.

John Kwok is a recently banned mega-troll from Pharyngula who has a history of repeating his credentials and making threats to those that don’t disagree with him (no link there, he simply threatened PZ Myers for banning him. The tool threatened to remove PZ’s friends on facebook. Since that terrifying threat, PZ added about 300 more friends to his FB profile. Epic Fail).


Hilarious Christian Zealot

March 4, 2009

Over at Odd Innuendo, in a garden variety post about Hitler not being an atheist (and some stuff on why Stalin’s atheism has nothing to do with him being an insane dictator) – the comments boomed.

One of the comments was by a one “alan” who,it seems, is some sort of Christian zealot, who believes that the only version of good in this world is the True Christian variety (yes, he actually pulled the “No True Scotsman” spiel on me).

At first, I was having enough fun seeing alan squirm with the indefensible position that Hitler was, for some reason, an atheist (he used the words “I am a devout catholic” in 1941. Maybe he wasn’t much of a catholic, but catholic he was, and people like Fred Phelps are still considered to be bathshit insane Christian).

But sooner than later, the argument turned into a debate on biblical morality (with occasional puns about atheists being assholes every now and then, sigh.)

The hilarious part was when I noted some examples from Deuteronomy and Leviticus which, putting it mildly, color God and the bible in negative hues. Stuff like stoning homosexuals, stoning witches, stoning adulterers, stoning unruly children, et cetera.

This is the hilarious bit.


Theme Hunting

February 23, 2009

Yep, I’ve changed my theme… AGAIN. And I’m not done yet. I did like my previous theme, but it tends to be rather slow to load, and I’ve been told it’s a bit messy and unuser friendly, and frankly, people don’t want to read a blog with 250 widgets in it.

I’ll try to stick to something as simple as this (enlighten), with an added panache that will suit my pretenses.

Ooh, ooh, and anyone who isn’t trying to advertise a blog about mothers (for whatever it is that the mothers in it seem to be doing) – feel free to recommend your themes!

Pages Section Back Up, New Posts Forthcoming

February 3, 2009

Short notice: the pages section (see cool taskbar like buttons at the bottom of the screen or the “Pages” widget on the right sidebar) is back up. The links got broken when I transferred this blog to self-hosting, and the broken links are now fixed. Go check some of those pages for a modest supply of lulz and giggles.

Second short notice: okay, 3 tests down, 2 more to go (I’m not including, ‘mfraid, two papers that are due next month. Beh) –

however, this means I get to breathe, and while I’m at it, update this blog. Since it’s kinda late for a blog-post, I’ll be going to bed in a jiff, but a new post shall be stewed, seasoned, and served upon the morrow.
Peace, and may the Noodly Appendage shine upon my exam grades!

Bear With Me Just A Little Longer!

February 1, 2009

Oh, the blog-stats are portentous! I haven’t been able to update here for more than a week now – there’s big exams tomorrow and the day after that, and then I’ll get a little breather, though there’s a huge midterm coming 2 weeks from now which will occupy a lot of my time, but at least I’ll have some more time to post. I hope I haven’t LOST any readers. It’s not like I have that great a deal of them.

Email Subscription and More!

January 12, 2009

One more annoying administrative post and then I’m back to working on Monday’s Organism (it’s going to be a treat) – First of all, I’ve added an email subscription widget – subscribe to this blog and you could win a good-as-new lawnmower/pencil!

As well as that must-have widget, I’ve added a cool little plugin called “add by any” which pretty much allows subscription/feed to any reader/burner/whatnot you have, from newsgator to feedblitz.

And now it’s time to write about weird extinct whales.

No More Intensedebate!

January 12, 2009

To all of you guys who complained about intensedebate: I’ve had it with it too. Moderation is awful, sometimes comments become “disapproved” on their own, and the comment length limit is a real pain in the thorax.

So, tiny readership of this blog, rejoice. We’re back to ordinary discussion board platform. The e-mail notification option is still there, but I’m not sure I can find another kind of threaded comment modification for wordpress I’d like.

Intensedebate could have been great. It looks great. How come something that well-done can be so bug-ridden?

Fatwah Envy – קנאת פטוואה – English/Hebrew

January 5, 2009

(Bilingual post, for English, scroll down)

הבלוגוספירה הישראלית ממשיכה לגעוש עקב המלחמה בעזה, וחלק מהתגובות חושפות באופן שיטתי פרופיל קודר ומזעזע של כותביהן.

אייל גרוס כתב פוסט היוצא כנגד המחסור בסיוע הומניטרי ראוי בעזה וכן גם כנגד המתקפה הישראלית של מטרות אזרחיות לחלוטין ברצועה, כאשר הבולטת ממתקפות אלה היא המתקפה על מחסן רפואי. איני יכול לשער בנפשי איזה ערך אסטרטגי יש למתקפה שכזו, אך קטונתי מלאמר.


Under construction!

December 28, 2008


Don’t be terrified from the frequent mess this site is going to be in the next couple of days or so. I purchased a hosting service and am adding all kinds of fun stuff for this blog to make it look better and more convenient to read. First important upgrade to work on is email notification. From now on, you guys will be email notified when your comments are replied to, and the comment section is allows thread-commenting! This mean you can write “reply” to any comment you find interesting and the user will be notified of your reply!

Well, time to get to work.