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Read “How To Build a Dinosaur”!

May 29, 2009

Yeah, I got nothing to say cause there’s mid-terms soon, but I’ve had the opportunity to glance at this cool book, how to build a dinosaur聽– and I REALLY like what I see so far. See, this is how books about evolution are supposed to look like:

It’s written by a person who is, first and foremost, a geek who is excited about what he’s talking about, and, I gotta say, that fact he does makes excited as well. I’m only about a third into this book and I’m a sloth reader, but I feel confident enough to recommend this book already (if it turns out to be crap later, my apologies 馃檪 )

well, back to pretending I’m studying.


At The Water’s Edge/Carl Zimmer

April 13, 2009


Written in large, friendly, ocean-blue letters on the cover of “At the Water’s Edge” by Carl Zimmer are the words:



and How Life Came Ashore but

Then Went Back to Sea Again”聽


Why Evolution Is True/Jerry Coyne

February 21, 2009

Phew. Just finished reading Jerry Coyne’s book, “Why Evolution Is True”. This would be the first book I’ve ever read using an e-book reader.(although I admit I skimmed through the one-before last chapter because there is a limit of how many times I can read the same stuff, even about evolution. More about that, later).