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Is Evolutionary Theory Useless?

March 5, 2009

The latest rant by Michael Egnor, the ID-creationist neurosurgeon with a surname that simply demands snarky puns, has got me thinking not so much about the crux of his graphic tantrum (“There’s lots of idiots like me! *thumps chest* and we’ll kick your ass!”) – but about something he wrote that’s quite superfluous to Egnor’s petulant ravings:



Anti-Independence War

January 3, 2009

Since the Israeli blogosphere and social networks are teeming with the Gaza situation, I get to find all sorts of funny opinions. This one really had me flabbergasted.

This one woman said (this was on facebook, so unfortunately, I can’t link it up) that she’s absolutely against all wars, for any reason, no matter what.

So, smartass that I am, I inquired: “So, you’re against the war of independence, too?”.