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Belated Monday Organism – Kakapo – The Flightless Parrot

February 24, 2009


I was just dying to use the dead parrot sketch somehow to illustrate the headline, but failed. Feel free to try.

The Kakapo (Strigops habroptilus) is a very unique parrot. It’s nocturnal, polygynous (many parrots are monogamous) and, most intriguingly, it’s flightless. That’s right, just like the extinct Dodo, the ostrich and the kiwi birds, Kakapo parrots are flightless – they got the bones, feathers and muscles for flight, but their ability to fly is gone.



A Bereaved Mother I Don’t Get – אם שכולה שאיני מבין

January 8, 2009
Shimon Peres at a visit to the bereaved Stern family

Shimon Peres at a visit to the bereaved Stern family

(Bilingual post, for English, scroll down to the end of the Hebrew text)

The war in Gaza has taken most of its toll on the Palestinian side of the field, but Israeli soldiers and civilians are also numbered among the dead (although in preposterously smaller numbers). A young man called Nitai Stern died today in the course of his military service. I say “in the course of his military service” because he wasn’t, in fact, killed by enemy fire. Nitai was shot down by “friendly fire” (I’ll never get that, really.)

המלחמה בעזה גובה הרוגים בעיקר בצד הפלסטיני, אך גם אזרחים וחיילים ישראלים נמנים בין ההרוגים במערכה הנוכחית בעזה. בחור צעיר בשם ניתאי שטרן נהרג היום במהלך שירותו הצבאי. יש לציין ש”במהלך שירותו הצבאי” אינו שווה ערך ל”במהלך תפקידו” מבחינתי, שכן ניתאי לא נהרג מפגיעת אש האויב. ניתאי נהרג ע”י “אש ידידותית” (ביטוי שלעולם לא אצליח להבין).


Funniest Understanding Biology Fail Ever

December 22, 2008

Hell, this wouldn’t be that funny unless it was true. I’m scribing this meeting in the Israeli interal office about grabbing some private land to ensure an ecological corridor in central Israel. So this ecology expert is yapping about genetic diversity, when one beardy-rube exclaims: “deers aren’t Ashkenazi Jews!”. This idiot thought this is a pertinent remark, since Doctor Biology there explained that reducing genetic diversity leads to lower fitness (since incest or low geentic diversity in general leads to less adaptibilty and more autosomal illnesses).

“What do deers have to do with genetic illnesses in Ashkenazi Jews, you blasphemous heathen?!”


Can I do research?

November 29, 2008

I know I’m only a biology undergrad, but I can’t help thinking that I might not have what it takes to be a researcher. Am I creative enough? Smart enough? Innovative enough? What does it take? Can I get a clue now before I spend 10 years on my life pursuing a career I won’t be any good at?

Another Reason to Hate Judaism

November 24, 2008

I just remembered that last night, a woman from the Deaf club near campus (I had a small typing gig there after class) intervened during a legal lecture and said that the local Rabbinate refused to acknowledge her as witness for the writing of a will by one of her own family members.

The reason for said refusal: “You’re deaf, you cannot be a witness”.



November 8, 2008

We are truly most shaken by exposure to and immersion in the knowledge and opinions of those who are most unlike us. The greatest things to be learnt are by those not doing the things we do better, but by those who do things utterly differently from us.

Who the fuck is Joe the Plumber?

November 3, 2008

I did read the Wikiarticle on him. Can there anyone in the vast bloggy ocean give me an idea why this guy is famous, and maybe alleviate my hunch that he’s some sort of a really not-too-sophisticated Republican shill?

Boo-jeers for Local In(s)anity

October 31, 2008

Great, just great. I just tried to access my curriculum (I have no idea where my classes are, yet, and the semester’s starting on Sunday) and I got a message telling me that the information services in BIU (Bar Ilan University) are offline through the weekend. The reason being that the university servers, apparently, are observing the Shabat.

Now, I would just like to ask: is this because of the decree that servants and slaves are (a la Deuteronomy) not allowed to work on the Shabat, then today, now that slavery is abolished,  “servers” are considered to be “servants”? Maybe it’s a friggin’ typo.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.


Chavez gets it right: Palin is a “confused beauty queen”

October 28, 2008

Hur hur.

Sure, Chavez is probably a corrupt semi-tyrant, but at he least got that one just right.

Hermit yawn

October 18, 2008

Beh, I hope something interesting happens soon.