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Single Ladies – WTFLOL

February 17, 2009

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Gee, thank you, religious council of stupid

January 14, 2009

As all Israelis not living inside a bathtub know, the city of Ashkelon has joined the fray of rocket-bombed cities as of December. About six months ago, construction works for a defensive extension to the city’s “Brazili” hospital building were ceased.

Was it because of Ashkelon no longer being in danger? Was it for a lack of funding? Maybe, for some reason, it was simply impractical to build airtight bunkers in a place full of sick, possibly contagious human beings?

No. The construction works were halted because ancient tombs were found within hospital area, making it a knot in Rabbinical knickers. An airheaded lot of religious acolytes prevented a life-saving construction project because of supersitition and dimwitted idiocy.

20 days into the war, and the great masters of stupid had indulged the terrified citizens of Ashkelon by leniently allowing construction to proceed, as a part of “Pikuach Nefesh” (life-saving exception to the Halacha code).

Gee, thanks a friggin’ bunch, you blithering twerps!

There are some times in which I truly, in all sincerity, hate religion.

Funniest Understanding Biology Fail Ever

December 22, 2008

Hell, this wouldn’t be that funny unless it was true. I’m scribing this meeting in the Israeli interal office about grabbing some private land to ensure an ecological corridor in central Israel. So this ecology expert is yapping about genetic diversity, when one beardy-rube exclaims: “deers aren’t Ashkenazi Jews!”. This idiot thought this is a pertinent remark, since Doctor Biology there explained that reducing genetic diversity leads to lower fitness (since incest or low geentic diversity in general leads to less adaptibilty and more autosomal illnesses).

“What do deers have to do with genetic illnesses in Ashkenazi Jews, you blasphemous heathen?!”


Another Reason to Hate Judaism

November 24, 2008

I just remembered that last night, a woman from the Deaf club near campus (I had a small typing gig there after class) intervened during a legal lecture and said that the local Rabbinate refused to acknowledge her as witness for the writing of a will by one of her own family members.

The reason for said refusal: “You’re deaf, you cannot be a witness”.


More rants about Sukkot

October 13, 2008

Okay, okay, I know this is like the third rant about Sukkot, but this has gone far enough.

I have this really, REALLY orthodox Jewish (not Hassidic, and too bad, they tend to be quieter, although more psychotic) family next door who just moved in this year. These guys have, of course, brought their huge tribe to our apartment building and of course decided to build a huge and fancy Sukkah right below our building, about 10 meters away from my bedroom window.

In short, those fucking bible-heads are having and endless, infernal racket. It’s like those damn idiots are trying to really re-live the event that never happened and actually LIVE there for 7 days, which sucks, because at least when the entire crew is in its shabby apartment, they don’t make half as much noise.

I hate this place, sometimes.

Evolutionist flock as Darwin reveals himself in wall-stain

September 5, 2008

By The Onion