Quirky search entries for this blog

“young earth belief geology flood”

“מסיבת חרשים”

“eric kemp jesus”

“arab ass”


“chest for female martial artists”

“לירן פולק” (I don’t remember ever writing that, anywhere)

“self defense without hurting anyone”

“god makes sense”

“silent classroom”

“orthodox jewish fucking”

“martial arts killing moves”

“three 1tb samsung spinpoint f1 hdds (alo” (three times?! What the fuck does that even mean??)

“deaf obsessed” (yeah!)



UPDATED 14/4/09


cant defecate in strange places (Does that include strange bathrooms?)


do platypus sweat milk (I have no idea, really.)


goodshit biology (probably a “drunken google”. Not half as fun as “drunken Guitar Hero”)


the jewish religion stupid (I can imagine how they got here, then)


One Response to “Quirky search entries for this blog”

  1. Oh, you guys « For the Sake of Science Says:

    […] me with some good ones. I may make a whole separate page for these things. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)SOL: Searching …Umm…How to Clean Up Your […]

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