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Monday (paleo)Organism – Indohyus

February 16, 2009


Due to the current fossil whale craze, I’ve decided to dedicate this week’s Monday Organism to another famous fossil related to whales. Well, I say “related to whales”, and this much is true for any ancient organism, but the truth is, Indohyus is really, if anything, only a sister taxon to ancient cetaceans – it’s unlikely that whales descended from Indohyus directly.



Yet Another “Mother Whale Fossil Found With Fossil Fetus” Post

February 4, 2009


Not what you might call a typical “Yet another X” line, I know. I wanted to write a post about the matter this morning, and in the interim, I found out that pretty much half of scienceblogs wrote eloquent, descriptive and fascinating posts about this.

So, just to mention this to anyone who’s not an avid scienceblogs reader – a new fossil found in Pakistan of a protocetid (ancient whale). Finding a well-preserved fossil of a transitional form is amazing already, but, and this is the kicker:

The fossil was of a female pregnant whale, and contained a fossilised fetus in it.