Well, I was going to take a breath from work one way or another, too bad it had to be in the form of not having any. One of the “wells” is giving me wind about my work, so this might be reason enough for them to stand me down. I’m still getting jobs from the other smaller well, but who knows, maybe it’s back to the big search again. Sigh.

The problem with being independent is that the pros and cons are often two sides of the same coin – I’m in no commitment to the people who provide me with work, and vice versa – which is why I could be easily thrown to the sharks with the slightest whim of anyone who ceases liking me. The problem is, I cannot find a perm or even a temp job because it’ll never work out with doing a double degree (I AM doing 2 degrees at the same time starting October) – I need a job that I can call all the shots in. My hands are tied.

At least my fingers are getting an airing.


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